AMS Spring 2020 Registration

  • AMM Family Membership  +Details
    $41.50 USD
  • Shishu Mitra Enrollment  +Details
    $31.20 USD
  • Spring Bal-mitra Enrollment  +Details
    $51.80 USD
  • Spring Kishor-mitra Enrollment  +Details
    $51.80 USD
  • Spring KM-PM Home-school Enrollment  +Details
    $31.20 USD
  • Marathi Mitra Book - Regular Student  +Details
    $7.51 USD
  • Workbook Bal-mitra - Regular Student  +Details
    $7.51 USD
  • Workbook KM/PM - Regular or Home-school student  +Details
    $15.75 USD

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About this Membership


Welcome to Austin Marathi Shala Spring 2020 registration. NOTE: THE ADMISSIONS TO NEW STUDENTS AT OUR NORTH LOCATION IS FULL, YOU CAN STILL SELECT ROUND ROCK LOCATION FOR NEW STUDENTS. As specified the AMS registration is fully online. Select the appropriate category of shala fees and books for your student (s).  In case of questions contact AMS principal. Also note that you need to be AMM member to enroll in AMS. The family membership option of 2019-2020 is included in the list of items here.

AMS team