07 November, 2020

Spoken Word Boulevard-Poetry and Storytelling

  • schedule 08:30 AM (Central Time)
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Explore the mesmerizing way of conveying emotions through beautiful Poetry and charming Storytelling to keep you awe inspired and amazed. Portrayed by top sensations, get ready to sway to the allusive words and dive into the amazing world of pleasing Urdu poetry and still be thinking later on how meaningful each word meant and touched.

Artist Details

Nandita Rani

An Indian short-story writer and a storyteller. She is a teacher by profession. She has authored two books named 'Life Anecdotes' and 'Maitri': both of them were well received by the readers. She was also chosen by CCSINDIA (Center for civil society, India) for making a documentary film on the difficulties and challenges faced by an educationist in their field.

Danish Rana

Danish is a vural poet on youtube and tiktok. He performed various platform in all over india. Like Punjab, Up, Mp, Chattisgarh, Nagpur, Mumbai, Delhi etc.

Raveena Sahu

Chemistry teacher by profession as well as fond of narrating stories and poems. She has interviewed senior poet Aneesh Meerthi Sahab in the program Sahitya Yatra on Doordarshan Uttarakhand channel.

Sajid Husain

From Dehradun, Working as Casual Narrator in National Institute for the Empowerment of Persons with Visual Disabilities (NIEPVD).

Ravi Goswami

Engineer by profession and a writer at heart, from Mathura. Recently, he also performed at annual Young Poets Conference of Lalit Foundation. He has also performed and placed Second in Abdul Kalam Technical University's Cultural festival.

Ritika Thapliyal

Profession news anchor, Performed in various event.

Nisheeta P Kulashri

 A voracious reader, Diligent Soft skill and life skill trainer, affable counselor with master degree in Psychology and a passionate storyteller. It's been a decade full of trainings, interactions, travelling specifically with children of every age groups. Being a keen learner and observer always helped me weaving and telling colorful stories with strong social message that has always been a vital part of my stories.

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