23 October, 2020

Marathi Drama: Cottage No. 54 (North America - Oct 23rd)

  • schedule 05:30 PM (Pacific Time)
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Program Outline 
8:20 pm (local time) - Online doors open with links provided for accessing the show
8:30 pm (local time) - Cottage No. 54 (2-act play with one small intermission) 

Synopsis of “Cottage No. 54”:
Renu, the heiress of a pharmaceutical conglomerate, successfully survives an emotional breakdown after her miscarriage and the sudden loss of her beloved father. To take her mind off the past she arrives at the Cottage for her second honeymoon. But her world starts imploding again. Rollercoaster of events challenges her sanity. Would she survive again? Would she overcome the whirlwind of her mind? Find out in…. “Cottage No. 54…..”

Cottage No. 54 is a psychological thriller!
PG-13/TV-14. Parental discretion is advised.

Terms & Conditions

Please note that this show is comparable to PG-13 according to the MPAA film rating system and TV-14 according to the TV Parental Guidelines in the United States of America. Parental discretion is advised due to the content. KalaSanman does not endorse smoking, drinking of alcohol, adultery, gun violence, and domestic abuse depicted in this show as demanded by the storyline. All the content presented is strictly for entertainment purposes only and as interpreted from the storyline by the artists.

This is a digital event and will be streamed online. By purchasing tickets for this show you expressly agree that this is a live recording of a stage event by KalaSanman, a group of amateur performing artists. It is neither filmatization of the play nor a professional studio recording of a live performed play. KalaSanman has made the best efforts to utilize the resources during the COVID-19 pandemic when a live stage performance would not otherwise be possible.

It is hereby clarified and confirmed by the Parties that host shall not be liable for any claims against the streaming platform, including any claims in relation to the security, privacy, data provided by or collected by the streaming platform, whether directly or indirectly, and KalaSanman shall not be liable against any such claims against the streaming platform.

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