02 October, 2020

No Country For Moderation by Punit Pania

  • schedule 12:30 PM (EDT)

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Punit Pania's new stand-up show is a culmination of 5 years in stand-up, 7 years as a corporate slave and over 3 decades as a legal Indian citizen.


Our country has always been a land of extremes from Haridwar to Goa and from filthy riches to dirt poverty. But extremism in action is the one thing we should not tolerate. And if Big Brother is really watching, we should at least put on a good show.


No Country for Moderation covers everything from science to religion to politics including the omnipresent special ingredient, human stupidity.


Many feel it is already too late. But if we can't go down fighting, we should at least go down laughing.

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