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Which is the best yoga teacher training retreat in nepal

Yoga Retreat in Nepal

A yoga retreat is a withdrawal to focus on the practice of yoga. A retreat can be solitary and/or local, but often involves a trip to a location that offers group yoga activities. In the western world, yoga retreats tend to resemble vacations at luxury resorts, but the eastern concept of retreats are more humble in nature, leaning toward more affordable getaways. These can be found in India's ashrams and monasteries. yoga retreat  in nepal 

The purpose of a retreat is to allow yogis to deepen their practice without the distractions of life. Yoga retreats are temporary breaks from daily routine that typically last from weekend to a week or more.

While the purpose of a traditional yoga retreat requires a slower pace, some western-style retreats are recreational vacations that feature five-star accommodations, high-end restaurants and a range of activities that include yoga classes, meditation, massage and even hiking, horseback riding and sightseeing.  yoga in nepal 

Many traditional retreats with a focus on mindful aware:

ess and the spiritual practice of yoga can be found throughout the world, including the west, with price tags that range from high-end to modest. With the guidance of an instructor or guru, the yogis learn to let go of distractions as they immerse themselves in asana, meditation and pranayama practices. The retreat may also focus on eating habits and the practice of ayurveda to improve overall physical and spiritual health, as well as instruction in yogic philosophy.

Yoga Cources In Nepal

The ideal place for deep introspection, self-reflection, and yoga is a combination of eye-soothing scenery, majestic serenity, traditionalism, and solace. The valley of Pokhara expresses the depth of every such quality in its very essence. This is not all, being infamous as one of the most ancient lands where yogis, sages, spiritualists traveled and stepped foot on, Yoga Samskriti Yoga in Nepal comes as the perfect program in every sense of the word to explore on this crystalline land. We have always been very particular about the chosen destination and places for imparting the holy education of yoga. The idea behind welcoming in Pokhara, Nepal is an outcome of this beautiful approach and process.

Yoga Courcess

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

This 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program will be the foundational stone in your journey to advance your Yoga practice and Teaching to its next level, and also to build Self-confidence in such a way, which helps find your own unique Expression as an evolution of a Spontaneous style of Yoga Teaching.

1-We've refined and reinvented the curriculum for last12 years to make it a comprehensive experience for our participant.

2-Intelligent but intuitive Sequencing: where you align all the postures for their maximum benefits by understanding the flow of manifestation and execution as dynamic class in a safe environment.

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

One reason why you would want to do the 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training is simply because you have discovered one layer of Yoga after your 200 hour and would like to know what lies beneath the surface. Yoga is a science that has unending possibilities because the more you scratch the more enlightenment you receive and you realize that it is you who holds the key to living a fulfilled life. The second and more practical aspect for you to take up this course is that you will gain more experience of Yoga so you can become a more experienced and knowledgeable Yoga teacher.

 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

This course is for those who are already acquired the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. If you have not done a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in nepal  and still you may undertake one of our 200 hour Yoga TTC and then pursue 300 hour course for 500 hour Yoga certification. The course duration comprises of ten weeks. It is a wonderful space that you create for yourself for the ten weeks and learn to establish both as student and a teacher of yoga.  

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