10 Things to keep children busy amid Coronavirus / Covid-19 lockdown


Parents have a daunting task this month with schools closing for several weeks and parents working remotely amid COVID-19 outbreak. Social distancing and isolation can make children dull and fall out of routine. Here are 10 ways to keep children occupied and entertained, at home:

1) Exercise hour:

Lack of physical activity can make your kids hyperactive and restless. A fun way to manage this is to allot an exercise hour wherein they dance to aerobic or Zumba videos. Some good music and dance will work them out, release stress and get them tired enough to sleep.

2) Baking:

Kids who like cooking can experiment in the kitchen. Baking muffins or their favourite cookies can keep them occupied and reward them as well. A little brownie never hurts.

3) Gardening:

If you have a garden, planting and watering plants can provide kids a sense of accomplishment. Ask them to plant a tree and adopt it for a month. They’ll be occupied but don’t forget to ensure they wear a mask and gloves.

4) Book projects:

If you have older kids, giving them book projects can enrich their knowledge. Ask them to pick up a book, finish it in fixed time and discuss it with you. If they’re into reading, they’d love it.

5) Karaoke and cards:

It’s essential for kids to develop community values. Organise karaoke nights or play cards after dinner with family. Kids would love to be creative. Reward them when they do well.

6) Nurture their hobbies:

If your child likes to play a guitar, get him/her one. Encourage them to paint. You already know what they do best, encourage them to take up virtual courses and develop these hobbies.

7) Household chores:

Think of it like a paid internship. Ask kids to help you in the chores and reward them with a dinner they’d love or something they’ve been wanting since long.

8) Teach your siblings:

Older siblings can teach the younger ones. With no school and classes, children fall out of structure. A little help can being them on track.

9) Journal writing:

Documenting their day can evolve their writing skills and keep them engaged. Ask them to write their day down. The highlights, accomplishments and how they’d like it better.

10) Documentary/Movie checklist:

Vacations can be the best time for some educative entertainment. Make a list of documentaries or movies on climate change, sci-fi, psychological thrillers and ask your kids to watch these.

Additionally, keep your kids’ digital presence limited. Every crisis has a silver lining. This is the time to pause, rejuvenate, learn and enhance.


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