Now Available: New Smart Report


We realized that while a detailed report with tens and hundreds of columns and spread over thousands of rows is a treasure for an organizer, it is not handy when you just need one tiny number. You neither have time nor energy to scramble through all that data and manually calculate the total number of seats sold in a particular category or finding the total amount of refunded transactions. 

That's why we have added a brand-new feature: New Smart Report! So now when you click on your 'Report' tab, instead of finding a nerve wrecking pile of information, you will see just what you may need for that moment - consolidated sales summary. Just like a highlighter, these highlighted and highly useful numbers will save you time and energy, specially when you are running around ensuring last minute preparations on the day of your event. 

And before you start to panic, let us tell you that in order to have a cleaner looking house, we have not thrown away all those things you have grown so accustomed to. Yes, the older detailed report is still available and you can still scroll through them or download the entire report in excel format, just like before. All you need to do is - click on the 'Detailed Report' tab. 

Now that's what we call - "Having your cake, and eating it too!"


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