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Copy Event Feature: Boost your Productivity

Nov 06, 2019 | visibility 378 | Filed under: New Features


Do you often organize similar events? May be at the same venue with the same details? 

It must be getting too tedious to type in same set of information like same venue, same event description, same ticket price or may be even same event image. We heard your pain point! 

Today we are glad to announce our brand new feature - Copying an existing event. With one click, you can now copy all the details of an existing event to a new one. All you need to put in new is - Event Date & Time. Once done, we will give you an option to scroll through all the pre-filled details and make any necessary changes if needed. That's it, your new event is ready to be published - in less than a minute.

Hope you like this feature and do not forget to send your feedback at