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Zalak has been in comedy since 2015. Anyone who is an engineer by trade holds a master's degree or even working as Head of Business Development is not someone you picture as working in Comedy. That, however, is Zalak Dave. Zalak is best known for his observational, clean, no-nonsense, honest, and politically incorrect comedy outfit. He has won hearts in Oman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain, the United States, and now he is in India. He is the founder of an Art Production house “Tapri-The Podcast”, co-founded with his friend Dhanya Asher. He is also an NLP Practitioner within Achology (the Academy for Modern Applied Psychology), a Life Coach, and a Motivational Speaker.

Comedy for him started as a happy accident. His early years in comedy were spent with a comedy collective in Oman called Humor Infection. His travails through comedy have been very enriching and fulfilling. He has since performed at most iconic comedy clubs in the world including The Comic Strip, StandUp NY, Gotham Comedy Club in the United States and has extensively toured through the Middle East. He is a strong proponent of Live Stand-Up.

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